Aries Solar Eclipse New Moon April 19-20, 2023

In ancient times, eclipses were omens of impending doom, miracles, or changes in leadership. The age-old dance of good and evil where a demon was trying to eat the Sun to take power, but the Light always survives. At the anorectic degree of 29, we have come full circle and it is time release the past and look forward with renewed faith for the future. Historians trace the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ to a Solar Eclipse. Eclipses trigger discoveries and advances in science such as defining gravity as the warping of time and Space. An eclipse occurs when the Moon moves directly between the Earth and the Sun creating darkness for several minutes. It is in that darkness that a seed gestates before it bursts into the Light to thrive, just as the Human Soul ponders purpose before initiating action towards missions and goals.

Choose wisely how you spend your time the next several weeks as we are in Eclipse Season and the energy is pulsating. Aries is known for compulsive and impulsive actions so take a step back to gather information prior to moving forward. Although, this may also be at time when you decide enough is enough and feel strongly motivated to finalize projects and take a chance to make positive change. Within a day of the Eclipse, the planet Mercury stations retrograde in Taurus so take extra time to double check figures and assert that you are seeing things as they truly are and not how you wish them to be. Mercury stations direct May 15.

What was going on in your life April of 2004? This cycle is returning for you to analyze and retrace those emotions what were stirred close to 20 years ago. Were you fighting for your right to be heard, or setting strong boundaries, assessing your territory, and possibly breaking free from the bonds that bind? Secrets that have been concealed may be revealed or confessed. Children are prominent as well as the wounded Inner Child. Take the opportunity to give yourself permission to forgive and spend time taking care of yourself.

Vibrations of recognizing the balance between masculine and feminine and separating the Ego from the Spiritual Self. The Eclipse makes aspects to both Pluto and Saturn which is transformative. An ebb and flow between the child and the crone. Fine tune your awareness through meditation, gentle exercise, singing, dancing and keep the energy moving. These are historic times, and you will want to remember every moment! Namaste!

Lion Mountain Healing

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