Aries Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024

The New Moon in Aries is also a total Solar Eclipse and is conjunct Chiron. Expect information and actions to happen swiftly. Eclipses trigger energy that has been under pressure and bring light to things hidden in the dark. Aries is the warrior, the survivor, the pioneer and reckless fool. Ruled by Mars and is a Cardinal Fire sign represented by the Ram. Aries is the first sign of the natural Zodiac and rules the first house. The first house represents our physical body, head and face, “I am”.  Crystals for Aries are the diamond, ruby, hematite, carnelian and bloodstone.

Aries is compulsive and like a Ram, often “rams” things through without thinking. Anger issues may surface and this is a time to find ways to blow steam off using physical exercise. Aries represents children and this Eclipse New Moon is a reminder notice that it is never too late to have a happy second childhood. The lesson for Aries is to learn patience and to think before speaking.

Chiron is about our deepest emotional and Spiritual wounds. In Greek mythology he was the leader of Centaurs, admired as a Teacher, Healer, and Shaman. Chiron was wise and represented medicine, botany, herbs, astrology, hunting, music, and prophecy. Chiron is referred to as the “Wounded Healer” and shown as an Archer which connects it to the sign of Sagittarius and gives Chiron a Jupiterian essence.

Sacrifice is a theme of Chiron as in one myth, he was shot accidentally  by Hercules with a poison arrow and because Chiron was immortal, he could not die. It was through his own pain that Chiron taught others to embrace their wounds and deepest inner traumas. Zeus had ordered for Prometheus, God of Fire, to be killed for giving fire to humans, and Hercules  bargained with Zeus to trade Chiron’s life for Prometheus so that Chiron could be placed amongst the constellations and out of his pain. Chiron renounced his immortality so that Prometheus could live.

Chiron is a Comet-like or Asteroid-like mass orbiting between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron moves slowly like Saturn and sometimes slower than Saturn and is part of the Kuiper Belt. The Kuiper Belt is a region in the outer realms of the Solar System beyond Neptune containing comets, asteroids, and other masses composed of mostly ice. The study of the Kuiper Belt has assisted with understanding how planets and placements are formed in the Solar System and to see beyond our Solar System. Chiron spends about four years in each sign. Chiron in Aries will bring up themes of self-identification, self-confidence and old wounds from past lives.

During the next several months focus attention on identifying your inner most pains and resentments. Visit the meaning of the Labyrinth and walk through one or better yet, create your own as a beautiful recognition of the journey to the center of your Being. Work to transform your traumas and forgive others for their roles in your life that has created disappointments and hurt feelings. This time is to transform pain and suffering into healing and growth. Namaste!

Lion Mountain Healing

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