Aries New Moon March 21, 2023

Aries is the first sign of the natural Zodiac and is a Cardinal Fire energy ruled by Mars, “I am”. Represented by the Ram with a pioneering, survivor, daredevil and warrior Spirit. Careful of impulsive actions and being impatient or trying to “ram” things through. Aries represents children and always want to be first. People with strong Aries energy are forever young and ageless. Aries rules the first house of the Zodiac wheel where information surrounding our appearance, temperament, Personal Self and health are found.

This New Moon has a stellium in Aries; Mercury, Jupiter, Eris, Chiron and Vesta which amplifies all things Aries. A time of great momentum towards advancement and feeling inspired. With Libra opposite Aries, this axis is finding the balance between knowing when to take action forward and when to be still and listen. Mars is the God of War and Chaos and there will be plenty of information swirling ‘round with a fair dose of debate. A passive aggressive nature to this lunation.

A wide conjunction between the Moon and Neptune is the reminder notice to pay attention to your own psychic faculty and follow your instincts. A time for personal focus to discern what is supportive of our Spiritual growth and leaving behind toxic, negative people and behaviors. The New Moon is within one day of the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and time to come out of the dark cave of Winter hibernation and feel hungry for new adventure and exploration. Embrace renewal, rebirth  and innovations that  move your Spirit in positive directions to share Soul-full missions.

Aries rules the head and face, and if you experience Spring allergies and sinus issues, ask yourself what are you annoyed about? Herbs like Horseradish root and Bayberry help clear the sinus cavity. Headaches manifest from stress, fear and self-criticism and can be eased with Basil, Peppermint, Lavender and Rosemary. The Crown Chakra represents Thought and Will – are you trying to force something when you would benefit from slowing down and allowing the Universe to unfold before you? Colds are indications of confusion and being too busy – boost the Zinc and Vitamin C intake and add Garlic and Rose Hips to your diet. Crystals for Aries are diamond, ruby, hematite, carnelian and bloodstone.

More than ever, think before you speak as this lunation has unsteady tension and it is imperative that you use your Spiritual tools to remain calm and observe your reactions before acting them out. Things may not go as you planned, another opportunity to tune into your intuition and resolve to steadfastly move forward towards new experiences. Honor the warrior within with confidence and you will amaze yourself. Strength and resilience manifest contentment!

Lion Mountain Healing

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