Aquarius New Moon February 9, 2024

Aquarius is a fixed air energy ruled by Uranus and ruler of the eleventh house where we find friends, hopes, wishes and social groups. Aquarius rules astrology, metaphysics and esoteric. Aquarius is deep space, extraterrestrials, aliens, electricity, thunder, and lightning. Uranus is chaos, shocking discoveries and weather patterns. Status quo gets all shook up!

The Exile, the Genius, the Scientist, Truthsayer and Revolutionary, the Iceberg or the Flake. Aquarius strives for individuality and to go out of the box, “I know.”  Easily bored, looking for automation and finding new ways to accomplish worn out methodology. Amazement, discoveries, and the World Wide Web. Expect innovation in technology, broadcasting and artificial intelligence becoming the norm.

Aquarius rules the calves and circulation all pertaining to mobility, direction and being in Flow. Help circulation and reduce cholesterol with cayenne, garlic, ginseng, and oats. Crystals for Aquarius are amethyst, garnet, turquoise, jade, labradorite and aquamarine. Aquarius rules humanitarians and a sense of fairness for all. Uranus squaring the New Moon and the Sun assists with seeing things from different perspectives and practicing flexibility.

Saturn sextile Jupiter supports bending boundaries and opens up pathways that may have not been previously considered paving the way for multiple options to consider. Possibility for surprises and unexpected opportunities. Learning the lesson of compassion and empathy for others. Witness to the ever-present paradox of life. Strive for simplicity while finding organization in the disorganized.

The Greek name, Uranus is God of the Sky, Heaven and Air and the father to Saturn and the grandfather to Jupiter, symbolizing masculinity. He married Gaia and they had eighteen children, the Titans. He hated his children and imprisoned them inside Earth causing Gaia considerable distress. His son, Cronos ambushed his Father slashing his testicles with a sickle tossing them into the Sea. From the foam of the Sea where the severed testicles had been thrown was born Aphrodite. The moral of the myth is that cruelty never goes unpunished.

Use this New Moon to connect to your own inner Mystic – trust in karmic balance and the natural laws of the Universe! Namaste.

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