Aquarius New Moon 1-31-2022

Aquarius is a fixed, air sign ruled by Uranus with key words “I know” and is unconventional, evolutionary, detached, innovative. Rules such things as ankles, calves, blood circulation, electronic highways, godfathers, astronomy and astrology! Crystals of Aquarius include amethyst, garnet, turquoise, jade, labradorite and aquamarine. Expect the unexpected and be willing to try things a new way – push your boundaries. The New Moon will be separating from a square to Uranus making the air electrified. Saturn, also a ruler of Aquarius, is making close contact with the New Moon and brings stability or controlled chaos. Uranus rules brotherly love and humanity. We are going through a revolution of humanity to bring light or a Uranium earthquake to dark corners and things hidden underground. There are new discoveries in Outer Space. The New Moon is dark and as it progresses through the phases ultimately brings enlightenment.

There is a Capricorn stellium with Mars, Vesta, Venus, Mercury, Pluto, and Juno in proximity highlighting matters of authority, aggression, disseminating information and purging what no longer is necessary for us to feel a sense of security and well-being. Saturn rules Capricorn and represents resistance. This is also the energy of divide and conquer – an ancient strategy to win wars (Mars). In modern society, the current narrative is about did you get vexed or not. Families, friends, and business relationships are ending over matters we have not fully understood or researched (Pluto). The pied piper sounding trance-like tunes with his flute (Neptune sextile Mercury) merrily leading the mice (Pluto) off the cliff (Saturn). Government (Capricorn) agents/agencies purporting to know what is best for the masses but behind the scenes manipulate (Pluto) large investments (Venus) on Wall Street in the pharmaceuticals. Pluto is tyranny and tyrants, Mars is the military, pharmacist and rules fevers, Mercury is psychological games or the trickster or Mass Formation theory. Vesta in ancient Rome, kept the home hearth burning and was withdrawn – isolation (Saturn). She was also the sacrificial lamb – society (Venus) being used as guinea pigs to assess how unapproved or unverified substances react in the blood – blood ruled by Mars, Venus, and the Moon. Juno was Jupiter’s wife (they were twin brother and sister) and sees over marriage and commitment. Juno also sees deception and victimization. What a tangled web we live these days. Whatever are we to do? Use your own discernment when viewing the tel-a-lie-vision and follow your intuition (Uranus). Respect yourself and respect others, even if they disagree with you. We are free sovereign human beings navigating times of spiritual awakening. Diversity, creativity, and freedom of expression are unique to the human experience. We will be tempted to fight and argue but we must use our spiritual tools to keep calm and allow the natural flow of energy. Trust everything is how it needs to be to wake up the sleeping giant. Stay centered in yourself. Speak your truth but also know when to hold your tongue (Mercury). When you find yourself at a crossroads (Pluto), pause and be still (Saturn) to insure you follow your heart’s path, not the path someone else would choose for you.

We have had Venus and Neptune turn direct this month and slowly the fog will lift for the truth to be revealed. In a few days, Mercury stations direct and as we head into February, more and more secrets will be uncovered. Namaste.