Aquarius Full Moon July 23-24, 2021

Early degree of this Full Moon implies completions, settlements and closures.  The Moon is conjunct (holding hands) Pluto – energy of destruction, rebirth and transformation.  Opportunities to reinvent oneself, whether it be a new haircut, home, job or discoveries in the ethereal and esoteric areas of life.

Very powerful Venus Mars conjunction opposite Jupiter in Pisces – tremendous shifts in consciousness and spiritual awakenings – Age of Aquarius!  More attention on Nature-paths and holistic methods of healthcare.  This is the energy to describe Kundalini Rising!  The frequency of our electro-magnetic auric fields adjusting to the intensity of this opposition could experience headaches, throat clearing and issues with feet, feeling lower energy, fatigue.  Hydrate and hydrate some more, rest and be calm.  Use aromatherapy and essential oils like lavender and sandalwood to help relax.  Explore teas like chamomile or valerian to aid with more restful sleep.

Venus representing love and beauty and Mars representing war, their love affair reaches deep into the psyche to stir up feelings of humility and shame.  Vulcan, Venus’ husband, was a blacksmith and ruled fire –  he exposed his wife’s affair with Mars by caging them publicly on Mount Olympus.  Stings of love and love conquers war are themes to their mythology.  Full Moons bring deep sub conscious memories and feelings to surface so we can recognize the ebb and flow of our emotional tides.  Being the ‘watcher’ of our thoughts, instead of reacting too quickly, is beneficial to feeling grounded in the midst of chaos!

Prepare for the unexpected, focus on your genuine heartfelt  goals – these are times for movers and shakers and to be the change you seek!  Namaste

Lion Mountain Healing

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