April 26, 2021 Scorpio Full Moon

April 26, 2021 Super Moon at 4 degrees Scorpio

              A scorpion will sting itself to death before it allows you to set it on fire.  Manifest in human expression equals self-sabotage.  Fascination with the life-death-life cycle in all things.  Ruled originally by Mars and later Pluto, the Gods of War and Destruction.  The promise of Pluto, is that it will always rebuild better then that which was destroyed.  Symbolized by the phoenix rising from the ashes.

              Rebirth, regeneration and a desire for discovering deep dark mysteries of the Universe with a penetrating curiosity to uncover what makes people and things tick.  Deep thinkers often feeling misunderstood and out of place.  Scorpio is the energy of extremes, and the lesson to learn is moderation.  Powerhouse of the zodiac and seeker of truth, sometimes referred to as “the tortured Soul”.  Scorpios spend long periods of time alone, and feel connected to spiritual theology, history and philosophy.

              Represents the reproductive organs and often mis-judged as highly sexual, but secretly seeks sacred sexuality and intimacy.  The perception of secrecy makes intimate relationships difficult because of this desire to be private and mysterious even though quite often there is nothing to hide.

              This Supermoon is intense and a good time to be still, be watchful, smile (it will make them wonder what’ve you been up to!), keep a sense of humor.  This illumination will reveal lies, deceptions and secrets.  Scorpio can be over controlling so practice trusting your instincts, as it is only when you ignore your instincts that you create chaos for yourself.   Reminder notice to lighten up, and trust the truth will be revealed (Moon, North Node & Mars in Gemini mid-month). 

Respectfully submitted, Lion Mountain Healing

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