Sunny is a Healing Arts Practitioner facilitating the connection between the Mind, Body and Soul by utilizing Astrology, Tarot and Meditation to reach Life Balance and Harmony.  A student of Astrology since the early 1970’s who studied on the Greek Island of Kos where the first school of Astrology began in 220 B.C. Facilitator of hundreds of workshops and lectures on the history of Tarot, the Astrology of Herbs and Medical Correspondences in the Chart.  An Astrologer, Teacher, Writer and Gardener devoted to insightful, honest interpretations and guidance. Remembering ancient archetypes, folklore, myth and the roles these play in sustaining our health and well-being by validating the efficiency of relatively simple natural healing techniques. 

Good health is more than a body that works.  It is feeling good about yourself, dealing effectively with people and situations around you, and grow Spiritually toward a new sense of wholeness and meaning in life.