28 March 2021 Libra Full Moon: Palm Sunday: Venus conjunct Chiron

The scales of justice balance while the wheels of time keep the flame burning eternally.  This is an 8-degree Libra full moon in connection with Chiron, Uranus, Venus, Saturn and Mars over several days, creating profound waves of change, intense weather patterns and opportunity to manifest miracles!  Keep thoughts positive and focus on the Light.  Draw the Light all around you and your loved ones to share in the Divine and the promise of safe passage.  The Sabian symbol in astrology for 8 degrees Libra is, “A large hat with streamers flying, facing East”.

              Cosmic and planetary patterns continue to evolve with themes of regeneration, rebirth, restructure, revolution, karma, relationships and attaining balance in an ever-shifting environment.  We are navigating intense energies seeking the truth all along learning hard lessons.  Ultimately, a time to build resolve, assert healthy personal boundaries, and learn our lessons!  Chiron and Saturn represent moral values, structure and social systems and with Mars Uranus as the bully, metal will be tested.  Libra requires us to be clear on what our morals and standards are individually before a fair relationship can form.  Given the magnitude of this energic dance, karmic contracts perpetuate for lifetimes, and the key here is strive for peace, fairness and balance.  Feed the mind, body and Soul in equal measure.  Thoughts become things, so only think good thoughts!

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