2021 Spring Equinox

(Northern Hemisphere)

              The World’s on fire … Schumann Resonance whack, earthquakes, fires and multiple realities co-existing… “We’re not in Kansas any more Toto”.  Traditionally, this is a sacred time,  coming out of the cave of Winter, scratching around on the dirt, and setting off on new beginnings, movement and growth.  The past period of darkness was the gestation period where the dreams nestle in the sub conscious now slowly emerging, drawn towards the Light. 

              The natural Zodiac begins now with the sign of Aries, the ram, Mars, warrior, pioneer, child, fire element, the sinus, hot and hard-headed!   Aries are the forever children, and age youthfully!  These are pioneering times with challenges requiring flexibility and innovation.  It is important to practice staying grounded, striking a balance between, moving forward and doing our homework.  Practice stillness in the chaos and surf on top of the energy wave to see all perspectives, and not just one’s Self. The current times have been prophesized about for as long as the written word, and every culture has a version of the future.  The only way to see clearly is to be still, trust in the Universe to guide the way.  Namaste.

Lion Mountain Healing Copyright 2021