16 Degree Libra Full Moon April 5-6, 2023

The Lover, the Artist, the Peacemaker, and Counselor are archetypes of Libra, a Cardinal Air sign and ruler of the Seventh House. The Seventh House represents marriages, partnerships, contracts, legal system, society, foreign affairs and trade. The planetary ruler of Libra is Venus, the Goddess of Love denoting bliss, companionship and drama.

Venus is cash, money borrowing and lending, one’s earnings and the spending capacity of money or valuation. Venus represents the sense of color, ovaries, kidneys, blood circulation and the lower back area. Infections of kidneys, loin and ovaries can be the emotional manifestation of anger and blaming others. Healing herbs are celery, juniper, parsley, and dandelion. Libran crystals to energize under the Full Moon are opal, topaz, aventurine, jade and aquamarine.

After a time of analysis and information overload, time to embrace lessons learned with a renewed optimism. Get the sunglasses ready because your future is bright! Be willing and open to new opportunities, people, and destinations. Strong Aries energy continues to influence events quickening thoughts and mental revelations. Tempers are flaring as truths are revealed.  Libra gathers information to weigh and consider, always looking for fairness and balance, as symbolized by the Scales of Justice. Legal justice, Karmic justice sparking opportunities to appreciate flexibility and humility. Walk a mile in their shoes before making sudden judgments or taking impulsive actions.

April begins Eclipse Season with the first of three Eclipses in Aries on April 19, 2023. Chiron, Jupiter, Eris, Vesta and the Sun are in the mid degrees of Aries. Mars, the God of War, rules Aries and Eris is the Goddess of War so it is during these times that the feminine will balance the aggression of the masculine. Humanity will face the moral dilemmas of deep science genetics, and artificial intelligence. Society is searching for the truth about history inspired to evolve beyond falsehoods and to set the records straight. Anticipate discoveries of hidden doctrines and archives. Libra gathers all the facts before making a fair decision.

Stay flexible, be optimistic and unleash the inner Mars and Eris! Times of setting healthy boundaries and envisioning a peaceful serene way of life. Namaste!

Lion Mountain Healing

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