13 Degree Libra New Moon 10-6-2021

Pluto stations direct …

Thinking back to March of 2021 and the Libra Full Moon – what frustrated you, bullying at work, setting healthy boundaries with family and friends?  During this Libra New Moon, you may find resolution to conflicts from earlier this year.  Pluto stations direct on the same day, we will begin to feel positive forward progress and balance of slow-moving transformations. Jupiter will station direct October 17-18 and will release more stagnant energy and accelerate plans to travel and find freedom.

Libra is ruled by Venus and loves to socialize and beautify the environment.  We are reminded of child-like innocence and finding enchantment in the simple things.  Mars will hold hands with this New Moon and may create arguments and feeling drained.  Mercury is also holding hands with the New Moon so the normally easy flow that Libra enjoys will have hiccups. Possible disagreements over asserting discipline and keeping composed amid conflicting planetary waves of influence will be challenging.  Exercise, meditate and eat nourishing foods. Balance is key.  Not my circus, not my monkeys, comes to mind.

The New Moon quincunx to Uranus in Taurus means we will see surprising developments and unexpected events.  Financial and banking systems being upgraded.  While Mercury retrograde, delays in travel, communication and blips with electronics continue through the end of October.   A quincunx plays out as adjustments in attitude on a personal level.  Things that have felt out of balance and unfair will find enduring truth and less resistance to change.  Illusions are being revealed.  Adultery could be exposed.

In the natural Zodiac, Libra rules the seventh house where marriage, relationships, business partnerships, and companions are found.  Additionally represented is social consciousness, international law, litigation, lawsuits, fine arts, lower back, and kidneys.  Human justice is not always Spiritual justice.  Libra has an inner fairness standard towards moral values and society.

Leaving the hectic Virgo energy of harvest behind, Libra longs to rest and relax.  The glyph for Libra represents equilibrium and may have derived from the point Earth experiences the Autumn Equinox when the days and nights are of equal length.  This is the season between being busy with harvest and needing rest before the intensity of Scorpio, when the nights become longer and the days shorter.  Another interesting point about Libra being the seventh sign of the Zodiac relates to the seventh day of creation in the Genesis story – “On the seventh day God rested”.   

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