11 Degree Taurus New Moon May 11, 2021

“A Woman Sprinkling Flowers” is the Dr. Marc Edmund Jones Sabian symbol for 11 degrees Taurus – a stewardship of the connection between humans and the earth. Being in flow with the cycles of nature like the moon and the tides and honoring that which is greater than ourselves. In numerology, 1111 is the confirmation that the Soul is right where it is supposed to be, even in miserable times. On a spiritual journey, it is the mirror of self and finding our balance even during challenging times to ultimately find inner peace and profound contentment.

Venus rules Taurus and represents feminine goddess-like energy and the beauty in all things, and will enter the sign of Gemini this same day holding hands with Mercury. A great time for creative projects and enjoying all forms of art. The Celtic festival of Beltane was generally observed the first of May, marking the beginning of Summer and celebrating fertility. Great bonfires were built for blessings and to symbolize purification, while often creating the opportunity for individuals to meet their match for marriage.

May 9 Mercury stations to go retrograde until June 6 (not completely out of the Sun’s shadow until June 19) in the sign of Gemini. Anticipate delays and electronic mischief to occur more than usual. Mercury retrograde acts like a blind spot in our mind so we are not seeing everything, and is a time to rely on intuition and instinct. New moons and Mercury retrograde is a time of planning, research, gather information, double check figures and slow down. Stop and smell the roses is classic Taurus, a mix of easy going and being stubborn – sometimes hard to discern! The month of May will feel restless with masses of information circulating, chatter, gossip, analysis and general busy-ness, but the energy is best used to relax, breathe, observe and do your best to quiet the mind so that you can hear.

Namaste, Lion Mountain Healing

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