10 Degree Taurus Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon 4-30-2022

The New Moon cycle heralds a time for Souls to be dedicated to worthwhile projects to benefit humanity as a whole and recognize we are all part of one love, learning any sense of separateness is an illusion. Within one hour of this lunation, Venus is holding hands with Jupiter bringing opportunities for an abundance of love and money. Taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus, representing the second house of the natural Zodiac where we find our possessions, material items, finances, and values – “I have.”  Ruling the throat, neck, ear, and base of the skull areas of the body with the symbol of the bull – Taurus is the Latin word for bull. Taurus is stubborn, sensual, steady, and slow to change. During this Taurus New Moon take time to appreciate beauty in nature, watching a sunset, viewing lovely art, taking care of money and other resources. “Stop and smell the roses.”

A partial eclipse occurs when the moon passes almost directly between the sun and the Earth. Energy is more intense and may cause anxiety, headaches, or sleeplessness. Earaches are the emotional manifestation of anger or turmoil, and licorice root and chickweed may help or rub warm olive or garlic oil in the ear. Sore throats indicate stagnant creativity and the need to communicate. Try to integrate ginger and echinacea into your diet. Thyroid problems indicate humiliation and herbs like cayenne, kelp, watercress, and molasses can help. Crystals falling under the rulership of Taurus are emerald, topaz, tourmaline, tiger eye and lapis lazuli.

One of the endearing myths behind the constellation of Taurus is the story of Persephone, the goddess of Spring, and her friendship with Ceres, a giant beast, mostly feared and ignored by the Greek people. Persephone spent half the year in the Underworld as Hades’ wife when the lands were barren. She would emerge above ground in Spring to visit her mother, Demeter and tend to plant the crops and gardens bringing flora back to the Earth. Persephone represents renewal, community, self-care and taking care of others. Persephone came upon this great bull romping about in her fields of flowers and as they startled each other, each bowing their head to the other, Persephone asked his name, Ceres was so surprised by the compassion of the goddess, he felt a calm like he had never known, the walls surrounding his heart began to melt at the sight of her smile and her flowers. They played together among the hills of flowers, and Persephone adorned Ceres with wreaths of roses. She was often seen riding on Ceres’ strong sturdy back and they were forever friends. When Persephone returned to the Underworld for Winter, Ceres would tromp the soil and tend the roses awaiting the return of his dear friend in the Spring. The Greek people, Gods and Goddesses came to know and care about the importance of the friendship between Persephone and Ceres. In honor of their friendship, Zeus immortalized the bull as the constellation of Taurus.

Contemplate the value of steady, strong, and enduring friendships this Spring – is there someone you miss from the past and want to check in on, or a deceased friend to honor by doing something they loved or in their name? Is there a community project, club, or group you have been curious to visit? Use this time to reconnect with old friends or make new friends, slow down and take the time to talk to someone and show them that you care. All great loves begin with a solid foundation of friendship. Give Thanks,

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